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«Dear Dr. Mama Nana, I am very sorry to judge you before I used your services. I really praise your powers, and Doc guess what? My treason court case was dismissed, and another surprise: I won a casino jackpot of R 500.000.00 two weeks after my court case was dismissed. But I want you to protect my money so that I don’t spend it uselessly and is it possible doctor to help me find a good house to buy? Because I don’t want to buy evil house with bad luck, thank you my master, I will keep on telling everyone about you!!!.»
Zanele Sosibo
Durban, South Africa
«I have got a lot of evil problems in my life, I sleep and dream snakes and dead people raising up and want to feel human again, but they haunt me and call me to follow them. I lost all my money in a business, lost my car, husband, and my children turned against me and ran away from me. I beg you to please help me be cured. I was referred by my friend whom you treated for madness. Reply: Hello Laure, yes I can help you to get rid of that, but you really need to fly over here so that we can attack those evil spirits. Do not worry about the accommodation because I always arrange it for my clients who can't afford it. And it is easier to treat you while you're near me. We will solve each of these issues one by one, step by step. »
Kakoza Ali
Uganda, Africa
«Hi Dr Mama Nana, really what`s the secret about your ancestors? Because I asked them to do for me four jobs such as, have back my employment, richness, lover, and a car. Although I am not rich, I am now employed, have my BMW 3 series, and am engaged to a beautiful woman! Thanks doc and please thank your ancestors too!»​
London, United Kingdom
«I thought things were going smoothly. I had successfully bought my first home with my wife, and we were having a good time decorating our new spacious rooms. My kids were studying hard in school and I had a great job making enough money for my wife to stay home. We had a routine, and I liked routines. I thought we were unbreakable. Until I got laid off. Turns out, my great job was responsible for over 600 layoffs within a time span of four days. I was one of them. The day that I brought home my last paycheck to my house was worth a few tears. I didn't know how to tell my wife, so I didn't. I decided that she didn't need to know just yet. I could solve this problem. I began to leave for work just as normal, but instead I headed for the library to frantically apply for jobs online. One day on the computer in that stuffy, quiet room, I found an inviting link. I clicked the Dr. Mama Nana site and was amazed at the services she offered. I decided to try one of the money spells, and soon my luck turned around. Thank you Dr. Mama Nana!»​
Timothy Perry
Durban, South Africa
«Dr. Mama Nana, the stuff you gave me to use when I’m making love to my husband worked quite well and now I’m three months pregnant. Thank you very much for helping me conceive. I really believe in your miracle and I never knew before that i can have a baby in my life! God bless you Dr. Mama Nana! »​
New York, USA
«Dr. Mama Nana, you were right about everything! I am so glad to finally have somebody real after so many scam artists! Thanks Auntie. Many blessings Mama for the time you spent helping me. I am so thankful that I was referred to you. You are truly gifted. I didn’t know what was going to happen with me but once we spoke, I knew everything was going to be OK. You are powerful and I know you say it’s not really you, that you have supernatural help, but I am so grateful. Thank you again and again.»​
Imran Mohamed

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